I’ve always admired Norwegian sweaters – their intricate colourwork is inspiring. The I found out you have to cut the work. With scissors. In the middle of your knitting.


But with the calm and patiently reassuring Glenna as my teacher (plus a few chocolates for courage), I took scissors to my knitting at a class at The Purple Purl.

Preparatory chocolate:

Before – one piece knit in the round sample:

A moment of prayer to the Knitting Gods

A deep breath and here we go!


After: a once piece steeked sample!


And a wee bit of restorative chocolate for my tattered soul (as good an excuse as any)

Next week we cut an actual baby sweater that has to magically get knit between now and Saturday. Then the fear factor gets amped up. There better be bigger chocolate.

*Latin for I came, I saw, I conquered. It may also mean Dude – pass me a drink!

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6 thoughts on “Veni, vidi, vici*

  1. The pain eases up right around the point when you realize suddenly that *everything* is better when designed with steeks in mind. My “Easy” and “Pleasey” sweaters (SQ Oct 07) were both made possible with steeks. Steek, baby, steek.

  2. How cool!

    And chocolate does make everything soooooo much easier. Ok, maybe not everything. Pants shopping becomes harder if too much chocolate is involved. But I digress…

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