WIP Wrestling

When we moved, I had to confront the stash resource centre and figure out what I wanted to keep and what needed to be rehomed.

It was a bit of an archaeological dig. Layers of colours/yarns I no longer want (or indeed can’t remember buying!), dead people yarn (my aunt died and no one else knits do you want it?), and projects started but abandoned because something new and shiny took its place.

I’ve decided to finish up some of those WIPS before I move on. It isn’t easy, but because they’ve been sitting there so long, it’s like they’re brand new (and shiny!)

So here is my list (contains Ravelry links). Some projects were sacrificed (the what was I thinking pile)
and frogged. This is what remains.

Pattern: Guernsey Wrap
Yarn: South West Trading Company Therapi

Pattern: Mitered Shawl (2nd one down on the left)
Yarn: Crazy Zauberball


Pattern: Froot Loop
Yarn: Socky-Talky by Dye Guy


Pattern: Roundabout Sock
Yarn: Sirdar Crofter


Pattern: Crocheted afghan
Yarn: Drops Delight


So yes, there is a bit of work ahead of me, but hockey season is about to start (GO LEAFS GO!) and as everyone in Canada knows, it’s a long winter ahead of us.

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