No Sew Quilted Ornaments – my newest obsession

I’ll admit it – I was a home economics class failure. Sewing has never been my thing, and after a traumatic experience sewing a rayon polka dot dress with a peplum (hello, it was 1985 – cut me some slack!) that turned into a night-before-it’s-due disaster (apparently you need to wash fabric before you sew with it or it falls apart when you wash it – who knew?), I backed away from sewing and never looked back.

Somehow I managed to put that aside and dive back in to the fabric world. I still can’t sew, but I can stick in pins. Quilted ornaments quickly became an obsession that has completely taken over my life. I love being able to combine fabrics and colours and ribbons into pretty bobbles. I’m working on some new designs so stay tuned!

Three fabric ornaments with sparkly ribbon.

2 thoughts on “No Sew Quilted Ornaments – my newest obsession

  1. Hi, I am trying to do a swatch before making this “Brain Dead Afghan”, but try as I might, I just cannot get it to come out for the life of me. I’ve shared it with a couple of crocheting friends and we’re all trying to figure it out. If you do it in multiples of 12 – and I chained 24 for my swatch, then you end up with the 2nd double crochet at the end of the row. In other words, it would be sc, chain 3, dc, dc. That part of the pattern calls for sc, ch 3, dc in next 3 chains, then skip 3 chains and repeat until the last chain, which is a sc. In order to do that, we’d have that last section be a sc, ch 3, dc, sc. And then turn. But then row 2 doesn’t match up AT ALL and is impossible to do! So either the multiples are not 12 or there is something not right with the way the pattern is written. Would you please check it or tell me where the original pattern is? I’d really love to make this afghan. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sandra,

      I’m sorry you’re having difficulty with the pattern. I did a 24 stitch sample as you have indicated and it worked. I suspect that your idea of what the ” dc in 3rd ch from hook” is different than mine. Try doing it one stitch closer to the hook or adding 1 or 2 chs to the total if that works better for you. You can do the last sc in the same stitch as the last dc or you could just add another chain if it doesn’t work for you.

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