Getting ready for the 2024 Tour de Fleece!

Preparation for Tour de Fleece 2024 (TdF24) has begun! I have so many SIPs that I’m not sure where to start. I plan on a hybrid approach – a bit of fleece cleaning, fibre prep, spindle, wheel – really whatever moves me. I find rotating between different styles helps to reduce the strain on my elbows/wrists/hands that happens when I end up in hyperfocus mode.

First up will be my glorious fleeces from Nui Milton at Casalana. I have three colours (5 fleeces) to choose from, but it really doesn’t matter which I pick – coming in at 14 microns, these fleeces are the gold standard for Merino. I wish the internet had feel-o-vision, but you’ll just have to deal with images for now.

Greasy unwashed Merino fleece
Greasy unwashed Merino locksshowing crimp
Disgustingly dirty wash water with bags of Merino soaking

Ok so maybe you don’t want smell-ovision in this picture. Merino is particularly greasy but oh so worth the effort when you end up with this!

After a wash….angels sing!

Light fluffy clean white Merino locks

A little bit of combing and it just gets better (if that’s even possible)

Laceweight thin yarn shown on an Electric Eel Wheel bobbin. A dime is in the forefront with the strand stretched across it.

A few turns around the wheel, and you get this glorious bundle of squooshy goodness.

Finished two ply yarn with a dime in the front to show gauge.

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