What I did on my summer vacation

Ok so summer was eleventy billion months ago. It’s technically mid November, but what’s a few months between stashaholics….

I’ve been busy accomplishing absolutely nothing.

Not true, I’ve become an expert at frogging, tinking, and I  jumped on and off the WIP bandwagon so often I have whiplash.

I blame the Toronto Blue Jays. I was so stressed during the season that I simply couldn’t do anything. My gauge went wonky, my attention went to hell, I knit two different sizes of a sweater. Tragically it was one size for the back and a different size for the front. (I did mention that I’d become an expert at frogging?)

The playoffs were so stressful I had to put aside my needles and hooks. I was able to spin because I don’t need to look at it – I could gaze adoringly at #myboy Josh Donaldson. Until they lost. Then came the trough of depression. I couldn’t even become interested in my beloved Maple Leafs. I mean seriously….what can bring a gal out of that?

Apparently alpaca. Who knew?

100% Alpaca Top – 2 ply. Somewhere north of 250 yards (too lazy to measure)
21 Micron

Li’l Red Kettle Head

In between specialist appointments for Cooper’s allergy treatments (I mean really – a cat that needs a dermatologist? FFS, I went through puberty and didn’t get one), I’ve been working on some designs. This one I can show you, one more I can’t, and some more are rattling around in my easily distracted (oh shiny!) brain.

I’m in the process of writing up the pattern, but, you know, that whole Christmas knitting thing….totally cramping my style.

As I’m off panicking over what still needs to be knit before Christmas, I’ll leave you with this image of unbearable cuteness. Cheffie, me and our 6th grandchild Truett (or Fruett as his sister Maisie calls him – she can’t say TR – don’t even ask her to say truck – trust me on that one.)

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