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What I did on my summer vacation

Ok so summer was eleventy billion months ago. It’s technically mid November, but what’s a few months between stashaholics…. I’ve been busy accomplishing absolutely nothing. Not true, I’ve become an expert at frogging, tinking, and I  jumped on and off the WIP bandwagon so often I have whiplash. I blame the Toronto Blue Jays. I was […]

Stashaholic’s Butternut Squash Soup

By stashaholic | October 21, 2012 0 Comment What? It’s been 105 days since my last post? How did that happen. Oh yeah – the 80 hr work weeks for the last few months…that’ll kill blog posts any day. It’s fall now, my garden is canned and I’m waiting (impatiently) for my pressure canner to arrive. OT pay has to […]