Slowing Down

As I mentioned in my last post, there are things going on in my life that require a great deal of thought and evaluation. Just as I started to see my way clear of one of the issues I’ve been gnawing on, another one reared its head. I’ve had to do a lot of soul searching to be comfortable with that one (sorry for all the vagueness but I can’t go into details).

I thought spinning would help me come to the clear spot. It did to a certain point, but then I had to go even slower. Out came the spindle.

Spindle spinning is one of the oldest forms of fibre craft. Whenever I pull out the spindle, it feels like I’m holding hands with the past.

I carded some alpaca and started spinning. I stand when I spindle spin so I can get a longer drop and more torque.As I sway gently back and forth I feel every crimp of the fibre go through my fingers – much more than on a wheel. I hear myself breathe, the cat snore, the cars go by – all in different layers. Perhaps this comes from a former life when I was a sound editor. Regardless, I calm myself and keep spinning.

Pinch, Pull, Slide…..Pinch, Pull, Slide.


Before I know it I’ve gone through half of the fibre and it’s time to wind off. I’m much more relaxed than I was when I started and I’ve worked through a little more of my problem.

2 thoughts on “Slowing Down

  1. Sherri, I hope you get things sorted out for yourself soon, I know how difficult it can be sometimes. I see where you said the other day that you are actively seeking a new job which really surprised me since you seem to love your job and are so proud of your accomplishments. I am not sure how it is Canada but be very careful about that as I have been unemployed for over 2 years now, I know you have alot more education and all than I do but I have certainly learned that employers are certainly not loyal to the workers anymore and jobs are very hard to find. Your spinning looks very yummy, I think you should make yourself something nice with it…

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for your words of caution – that is exactly why I’m thinking over all angles.

    I can’t approve your post because there is the chance that my employer might view my blog and I don’t want them to know I’m thinking of leaving. I hope you understand.

    I will keep you in my prayers that you also find a new job.

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