Yesterday dawned cold and bright. A perfect day. Well, maybe not the cold part, but it is April in Canada, so we take what we can get.

Pirkko picked me up and we headed off for the Knitter’s Frolic where we met up with Kay and Sandra. This is a HUGE knitting show/sale in Toronto every spring.

I started saving my pennies for it last year and all of it went into a special jar. I’ve learned it’s best to plan ahead for these shows or they can send you to the poor house quickly! The beautiful one of a kind skeins, patterns, gadgets….and yarn fumes tend to overwhelm the best budget plan ever.

I have just been through a couple of months of 70 hour weeks and successfully (yeah!) launched a website for the company I work for, so the Frolic was all about reward for the effort. (Overtime pay helped too…lol)

So, without further ado, here is my haul.

Some silk cocoons and a new support spindle and bowl by Tom Forrester from Gemini Fibres.


SMC sock yarn for my Dad’s Christmas socks. Or Father’s Day….or his birthday….whichever I manage to hit.


Merino from Gateway Fibreworks to spin for Pirkko.


Merino/Silk from Turtlepurl

A gorgeous kit for a shawl that had me captivated – from The Needle Emporium

The most striking blue/grey mohair/wool from Wellington Fibres

A lovely soft green – also from Wellington Fibres

Himalayan silk from Infiknit

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Rayon – also from Infiknit. This totally doesn’t do it colour – it is a bright emerald green. Perfect for February.

After that we went to Olde York Fish & Chips as is our tradition. Yummy as always.

A restorative nap followed soon after.

I had a great day. Time to start saving for next year

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