Well, there were some virtuous projects, and some totally broke the rule projects 😉

On the whole I did much better than I thought I would. Many many times I went on autopilot and added yarn to my online cart at my favourite stores. I can honestly say I closed the window once I realized what I was doing. It brought home how many of my purchases are by habit. Apparently I am not only a boredom eater, I am a boredom shopper

I did have more than one real life “incidents”, but the vast majority of yarn I stashed was for charity work.

6819957471_9eb9cf29ebI’m actively working with Heartmade Blessings again and I had no acrylic in my stash to make squares for the comfortghans. So I stocked up on Red Heart in the colours they need. I also bought some “tent yarn of unknown acrylic content” for hats for the homeless and other charity projects I work on throughout the year.

I’m on the fence as to whether this should count to stash since it’s for charity and won’t stay in my possession long.

I did however purchase a few things for myself. My dishcloths were embarrassing – not even fit for rags anymore so today I bought some nice cotton to make new ones out of.

Then there was the day it got cold. One day. That’s it. But it was enough to drive me to Creative Yarns in search of something warm and woolly to make a cowl out of. 2 skeins of Sundae was the perfect remedy. I made a simple 2×2 rib cowl in one day. And then it got warm and I tossed it into storage. I’ll drag it out for pictures soon. If it ever gets cold.

I’ve been battling a strange fatigue for the last month. I am ready for bed most nights at 8pm and just seem to have no energy to do anything craft related or not.

Hoping that leaves soon – Christmas is only 11 months away and there are projects to be made.

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