I have two very large projects on my plate at work that are sucking up almost every waking moment. 12 hr days do not leave a lot of time for knitting/spinning/blogging.

One of them will (hopefully) end at the end of this month. The other ended today with a software implementation. Now I realize most of you have never done one (count your blessings) but there are a million little things that can go wrong, and once you give the word “ok go”, there is no stopping it.

So you wait.

And wait.

And wait some more.

And have several checkpoint phone calls that tell you it’s still going.

So you wait some more.

Now a smart person plans ahead and has Things To Do – do the dishes, the laundry, wash the floor, oh and even spin!

Now being a smart person, I did all of them

I won’t bore you with dishes, laundry or the floor – I know this is what you came to see.

Fibre: Baby Camel Top and Tussah Silk
Source: WC Mercantile
Spindle .6 oz Turkish from Threads Through Time


Mom was right. Good things come to those who wait.

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