Tour de Fleece

I just came through a horrifically busy period at work (I had 47 hours of overtime in 2 weeks if that gives you an idea…) so for the last month, I haven’t had much time for anything else but coming home and collapsing into bed.

Thankfully that project is over, so life is returning to normal. Sort of.

In the middle of that giant ball of stress, our landlord decided to evict the entire apartment so he could tear it down. Yeah – just what I wanted to hear.

However, we managed to come out on the great end of this one – we’re going to be moving from a craptacular basement apartment to a three bedroom townhouse with 1 1/2 baths, washer and dryer (no more searching the couch for change!) and a massive back patio. I’m already envisioning myself spinning away on it, or drying fleeces….

Speaking of fleeces, it’s the Tour de Fleece. For those who don’t know, spinners around the world start planning and training months ahead for this event. When the cyclists ride, we spin. On their hard days we challenge ourselves, and on their days off, we rest.

I decided to spin only from my fibre stash, and this what I’ve managed to spin and ply so far:


Mongolian Cashmere and silk (which was a gift from a friend). I’ve plied it but not taken photos yet.



And I’m making good headway on Albert. Albert is my first fleece and he is named Albert because he’s rather stiff and¬†opinionated. He’s an English Leicester so you’ll see where that name came from.

I took advantage of our hot summer and cleaned three pounds of him (I’ll follow with a how I did it post soon), and now I’m spinning him into a 3 ply yarn. It’s not next to skin soft, but I’m linking it.
5923604886_91e9c49713” />

I really have to get packing, but every time I think about it I get tired and go have a nap instead!

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