I’ve been on a project that literally consumed me for the last three months – often working 18+ hrs/week extra (which is why the blogging has suffered). I hit an all time record with a 36 hour straight work session. I hope to never repeat that again.

On top of that my father was diagnosed with lung cancer (he starts treatment very soon and all prayers gratefully accepted).

Then the landlord decided to evict everyone in the apartment building. Now, this is not a horrible thing because for the last 6 years, chez Stashaholic has been…lacking

  1. lacking in sunlight (basement apartment)
  2. lacking in the ability to look out the windows in the wintertime (had to shovel to see outside)
  3. lacking in the ability to take a bath because the bathtub was in such poor shape it scared me. No amount of washing/scrubbing could do anything but peel the paint previous tenants put over it
  4. lacking in an oven with four working burners
  5. lacking in a complete floor in the living room
  6. lacking in a toilet that you could confidently flush without the fear that it would back up all over the bathroom.

Once the panic attacks had left me, I realized that was actually a good thing in disguise and the hunt was on. The landlord has to pay us 3 months rent to break the lease (plus our last month’s rent we’d already paid), so we were able to “upgrade” the apartment. DH found a listing on

We’re going from a craptactular basement apartment to a three bedroom townhouse. Sometimes the Universe gives you your shove when most needed.

Here are some pics of the new place – I can’t wait to stretch out on that patio!

Hubby opening the door for the first time. My fingers are itching to dig in that garden and get it going. We can tear out the whole front yard if we want.


They came in and painted the entire apartment and re-varnished all the floors so they are nice and shiny


and my hubby was most excited about the patio – somewhere to finally put the barbeque!

The best part for me is that there is a washer and dryer. No more hunting for change!

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