I’ve joined in on the Mystery Stole #3 project from Pink Lemon Twist. I don’t normally do KAL’s, but the idea of not knowing what you were making intrigued me. Mush stash shopping was done for this project, and nothing was suitable (how is that possible when I have 6 Rubbermaid totes of yarn). I ended up shopping for something suitable at two of our finest yarn establishments.

First stop (as always) Lettuce Knit. I bought two skeins of Handmaiden SeaSilk and two skeins of Misti Alpaca, a set of Addi Lace Turbos in 3.75 and 4. I swatched with these two lovely yarns, but neither turned my crank.

The next day I went to Romni (who is having a 20% off sale for the month of July….just sayin…). Surely they would have something! I was surprised that they actually had very little in lace weight or fingering weight. Sure I could buy more Fleece Artist, but this project would call for 3 hanks of it, and after the shopping trip at the Loop, (not to mention Lettuce Knit the day before) my budget is a bit strained right now. I did find some lovely Alpaca by Garnstudio that’s just beautiful to touch. I am very much enjoying this project, even though it’s only my second lace project ever.

Surely something in this yummy yarn cocktail would work!

Chosen Yarn – Drops Alpaca by Garnstudio. Gauge = fingering weight and oh so yummy soft.

Here’s the project to the end of chart A. I’m starting chart B now. I did learn a valuable lesson last night. Merlot and Yarn Overs don’t mix. I quickly learned the value of lifelines and am now putting them in every 10 rows or so.

The yahoogroup will be closed on July 6th, so if you want to join in you’d better do so now…otherwise you’ll have to wait and buy the pattern.

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2 thoughts on “Mystery Stole #3

  1. That looks really good, Sherri!

    I forgot about the lifelines, I should start now. I have made so many mistakes, and frogged several times. Talk about attention span challenged.

  2. Hi Sherri – I signed up too after seeing Pirko mention it on her blog. It’s my first adventure into lace. Figured it would be good practice before I decide to knit my daughter’s wedding shawl. Hit Romni’s on Wed. after taking other daughter to the train and picked up some Zephyr in Emerald and using gold beads. My swatch is drying right now and I’ll probably start the chart tomorrow. Your alpaca looks lovely!!

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