I’m knitting as fast as I can and still not catching up!

I finally finished clue 1 and 2 of the Mystery Stole. Just in time for clue 3 I like the fact that this shawl is turning out larger than the little lace versions I’ve seen. As I told one of my online groups today, I like my shawls to have the same personality I do – big and bold!


I was behind because I was crocheting squares all week for Heartmade Blessings to be compiled into ghans for the families of the 6 soldiers that were killed in combat recently. I have a Support Our Troops t-shirt on even as I type this blog entry. I come from a military family as does The Boy, so it’s very important to me to support their families in this difficult time. If it was at all possible I would join them in the Trail of Tears. I mailed out the squares today and didn’t get a chance to take the pictures. Trust me, they were beautiful.

As usual, Wednesday was knit night at Lettuce Knit. There were hordes of knitters everywhere – on stairs, on chairs, even on the ground! It keeps on getting bigger every time. I brought a newbie friend of mine and she kept saying “I can’t believe everyone just hangs out and knits…this is so cool!” Such is the community that has developed around LK. I brought L2 because for once there was no forecast of rain, and happily spun the night away, at least until I started getting hypothermia (really – 16 degrees in July?) and the wind kicked up so much that it became apparent that Alpaca was not a good roving of choice for the night.

I had had a long talk with myself on the way down “you are not going to buy anything – you have all that Lucy Neatby yarn to knit up, plus the projects on the go for goodness sake”.

Yeah, you know how long that pep talk lasted? Until I walked up the four stairs in front of the shop. You see, the Socks that Rock yarn came in – I totally risked life and limb to get my two little skeins. I must admit that I am  pretty proud of some of the ninja moves I pulled to get these two beauties


I swear next week I’m leaving all methods of exchanging money at home. (as they say…if you believe that I have a bridge for sale…)

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2 thoughts on “I’m knitting as fast as I can and still not catching up!

  1. 0 won’t power! isn’t that right?

    You soo missed the troubadours…they said they will try to swing by this Wednesday again for a wee performance 🙂

    MS3 looks lovely! I just restarted last night. I hate being a perfectionist. So now I am really behind. boo

  2. Great Start on your stole.

    Wow, those yarns are toooo yummy.
    bring them on Saturday so I can really see them, put a chain on them, too, hahaha.

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