Well I had the best of intentions….

After my migraine left (5 days after it started!) I was hit with a wicked
cold. I have not left the apartment since Tuesday. The good side is that I was
incredibly productive for my work projects and plowed through probably twice
as much as I would have at work. It’s amazing how many distractions there are
during a day – you just don’t realize them until they’re gone.

Which brings me to the horrible people that lived upstairs with the demon
child. I am happy to report that they are no longer in the building. The
landlord asked them to leave and surprisingly they did – not without making even
more noise than necessary – kinda their FO to us I’m sure. But they’re gone and
that’s all that matters.

I haven’t accomplished much in the way of knitting, but I did manage to take
a picture of the Scholar’s Jacket. I got the back and one front done while on
the trip to Halifax.

While in Halifax I stopped by The Loop and picked up some amazing wool. It’s
Cotswold and so sheepy it baah’s (I’m really getting into this kind of wool
these days). I have 14 200m (est) hanks so I’m looking for a cabled cardigan
pattern. So far this is the one in the lead but I’m not going to do a hoodie.

I went to the other side of the spectrum with this luscious bit of
loveliness.  Bamboo/merino/angora/silk – really what’s not to love.

I’m not going to go into great detail about the trip, but one of the funny
things that came out of it was what we did with the items that are “must have’s”
when we visit there.

I am an absolute raving fan of Lunenburg Pudding. My favourite kind is
Greek’s which is 100% beef. The other kinds include “everything but the squeal”
and I don’t think they are as good.

While driving back, we were trying to come up with ideas about what to do
with the 6 packages I bought (that’s 12 big sausages). In our road weary
delirium we thought of Lunetons. Lunenburg Pudding wrapped in wontons and deep

I was surprised when DH actually made them this week. Oh baby were they good!

Here is the recipe:

Take 1 Lunenburg Pudding sausage and break it into 1″ balls


Wrap it in wonton wrapper.

Seal edges of wrapper with water and fancily fold (apparently I was not
capable of this maneuverer so DH did them all.

Deep Fry (pretty easy eh?)


Dip in plum sauce and eat (forgot to take picture of that – too busy eating

Clancy has spent the last two days playing with her new catnip mouse that
Janet sent her. She stalks it around laundry baskets and pounces on it from on

We had a great trip but we’re very happy to be home again. No one is happier
though than Clancy. She hasn’t left DH’s side since we got back.

And with that update you’re reasonably up to date. I’m off for a much needed

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  1. Sorry about the rotten migraine! Nice progress on the sweater, though.

    Bonne Marie Burns writes a good pattern, you can’t go wrong with that. Although isn’t the Central Park Hoodie (w/o hoodie for you) also very popular?

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