My Sheepy Sweater

This one was a while in the finishing. What started out as a frustrating experience ended up with new friendships, a great road trip and a beautiful sweater.

Pattern: Scholar’s Jacket
Source: Knitted Jackets by Cheryl Oberle
Yarn: Topsy Farms, 2 ply Fine
Needles: as per pattern

Last weekend was the Knitter’s Frolic. This is what came home with me:

I bought a Japanese lace stitch book, a Lorna’s laces shawl kit, a pair of addi’s, and a neat little kit that has laminated cards that you label and put on your sweater while knitting it.

Oh and I stopped by the Purl earlier this week and used all of my Purly points to be able to afford this – Louet Mooi in Azure.

As DH was unemployed as of the Frolic date, I had a budget and I left my wallet at home and took cash. I’m happy to announce that he is now working – at least until November when his contract ends, but hopefully he’ll pick something up at that time.

What started out as a necessary evil lead to an interesting and slightly uncomfortable realization. This was a new experience for me – not giving into every whim and yarn lust that I experienced. It wasn’t an easy day to get through and reminded me of when I quit smoking 10 years ago.  When I didn’t have enough cash to make a purchase, I actually had a physical reaction similar to when I had nicotine withdrawal. This is something I’m not at all comfortable admitting, which is why I’m writing it here. I’m starting to suspect that I may need to do some navel gazing over this and think through this issue. Have I just traded wool for cigs?

5 thoughts on “My Sheepy Sweater

  1. Sherri,
    Your scholar’s sweater is drop dead gorgeous…the model ain’t bad either,lol.


  2. <blush>

    Thanks Carol – I never thought I’d wish for cooler weather but it’s far too warm these days to wear this sweater.

  3. What a beautiful sweater.

    I know all about not having ready funds these days. It’s a lifestyle change for sure!

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