Even more pretties!

As if My Precious wasn’t good enough, it just kept getting better this week.

I spent Sunday at The Purple Purl for the Start of Summer Sunday SpinIn. We’re planning on having spinning sessions every Sunday, so feel free to bring spindles, wheels, cards…anything related will do. Any level of experience is welcome – it’s all about the sharing and the laughter.

Anyway, I was spinning some BFL from one of my favourite dyers, Pigeonroof Fibers. It’s called Poison, but it’s totally a Miko purple to me.

Here are the singles:

and the plyed wool.
It’s around 17 wpi but I haven’t measured the yardage because i have another 2 oz to spin.

I was feeling cruddy when I got home (the beginning of a migraine which thankfully my medication seems to have kicked). Waiting for me was this wonderful delivery – my batts from The Roving Spinners. Silk, Merino and Firestar – how luscious are these?

I’m not sure which will jump on the wheel – the rest of the Poison or the Tropical Sea, but either way, I’m sure to have some wonderful fibre therapy.

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  1. I took some photos today of a spinner on the Royal Mile in Scotland. He had cards, batts, and a lovely wheel as well as some finished product.

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