I totally felt like Gollum while I was spinning this roving. I kept stopping and petting it and admiring the spinning I was doing, the whole time thinking “I hope I don’t arse it up in the plying”.

I think it’s my most even spinning to date.

And no, I didn’t arse it up in the plying.

I give you:

My Precious

Fibre: Pigeon Roof Fibers Soysilk Merino
3.8 oz
17 wpi
266 yards

If you can’t find me, look in the corner, I’ll be petting My Precious and hiding it from the hobbitses

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5 thoughts on “My Precious

  1. If I wasn’t cutting back on my superlatives(I’m a bit of an addict where they’re concerned) I’d say that was absolutely tasty. Like a pistachio ice cream cone on a July afternoon in the city. Gorgeous. Brilliantly gorgeous.

  2. Hah…I’m glad I’m not the only person who assigns the name “My Precious” to their spinning WIPs. 😉 Looks great; I wish I was could make my two plies look like that.

  3. arse it up … my father-in-law used to say “make an arse of it” must be a “down east” saying as I have not heard it before…

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