Sampling the Wilderbeast

Keziah and I have been obsessed with Icelandic sheep lately. I blame it squarely on
Wrath of Gods. Reasons to be revealed in a blog far in the future (can’t talk – cone of silence). So when I saw some come up for sale by Dyeing for Colour on Etsy, I couldn’t resist. I mean really – how gorgeous is this:

I loaded it on the carders but of course forgot to take a picture after

Now Icelandic fleece is a two coated fleece – it has an outer coat called Tog
and a softer inner coat called Thel. My first attempt at spinning them was by
combining the two lengths together. I didn’t like the result at all – it was
suitable for rope or rugs (which is what it is often used for so I suppose that
is appropriate).

Then I separated the Tog and carded just the Thel. Much better, but still not
next to skin soft, and I have a hide like a rhinoceros – I love Kauni and Noro, so that’s
saying something!

Here was the resulting sample spin – I suspect it’s somewhere between
lace/fingering. I haven’t measured yet since this was just a test skein.

Tomorrow Keziah comes to visit and we’re off to The Purple Purl to while the afternoon
away. Can’t wait – Keziah, The Purl and Smores…what more could a gal ask for?

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