The Great Koolaid Experiment

I found some wool in my mom’s stash, so I decided to experiment. Now, the wool was quite grotty (it was labeled 1976), so I’m not sure how it will work up. It was quite fragile while I was rolling into the skeins… I took some Tropical Punch Koolaid and followed the instructions on this site and away I went. Next time, I’ll definitely try it with an eyedropper instead of a turkey baster so that I have more control. I also might throw in some other colours.


The pictures don’t show the colour variation as much as I’d like. There’s a lot more white in the skeins than shows. However one very important lesson was learned….WEAR GLOVES! My hands are now a very nice shade of red. Tropical Punch Red.

This is what I started with:



Here it is in a cool bath after being microwaved


And here it is on the drying rack