Measuring Up – the Stashaholic Way :-)

I posted this on, but I thought I’d share it with you too. Instead of hunting for your measuring tape every time you need to measure to see if you’ve reached 16″ or however long the torture is…

Tie a non-stretchy yarn (cotton works best) to the first row you have to measure from – whether it’s the bottom or the top of the ribbing. Measure however long you need to go to (ie 16″ to the decrease for the sleeve) and cut. Now you can just measure by stretching the yarn and you don’t have to stop and measure all the time

You can do this in the middle of the project (ie bottom of sleeve decrease to top) or from the beginning of the project. DO NOT use the same yarn you’re crocheting with or you’re likely to work it in (trust me, voice of experience speaking here.)

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