Finally – Something for Me!

My own freezing toes have resulted in a new pair of slippers.

These are very fast to make – one pair took me around 90 minutes. Why not make some for charity – it’s a great way to use up odds and sodds.

Stashaholic’s Slippers (c)¬†Sherri Bondy

Hook – 5.5mm Yarn – 2x100g worsted weight (depending on foot size of course!)

Holding two strands of yarn, crochet a chain long enough to reach ONLY from the base of your toes to the heel. Add 2 ch for turning stitch. You need to only go to the base of your toes because these slippers tend to stretch with wear. If you’re making them out of cotton, you probably want to go right to the end of your toes. Trust me – make these suckers tight or they’ll slip right off of your feet!

Row 1: Skip first 2 ch, hdc in each chain across to end. ch 2 and turn Row 2: In BACK LOOPS ONLY, hdc across, ch 2 and turn.

Repeat second row 15 times (or for as many rows as needed to wrap rectangle around your foot.

Row 16: Hdc in back loops to end of row. Ch 1 to turn. To form the top seam of the slipper, fold rectangle on long ends and sc across both edges for 15 sts. End off and weave in ends.

For back heel, sew edges together, andd then weave yarn through open toe to gather and fasten securely. Make sure the toe is gathered tightly.

Adorn with pompom if desired.

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