We heard on Friday that our CFO has lymphoma. Instantly the requests started pouring into my email from coworkers who know of my work with Heartmade Blessings…can you make her a blanket? Can we help? Can I do anything with power tools?

Well, no to the power tools, but other than that, I accepted help from knitters and crocheters on staff. I decided to do this outside of the HMB world because I had so many people who wanted to help. I bought the yarn (Patons Decor) on Friday and have made three squares so car. I think I’ll end up making the majority of squares (because I’m the most experienced and am able to crank them out) but the thought counts.

Here are the squares I did so far:

Hmmm….speaking of power tools, I wonder if I could work faster if I hooked up my crochet hook to a drill….

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One thought on “Reaching Out

  1. Lovely squares, Sherri. Prayers that your CFO can beat this. And prayers that your hands hold up well while making & assembling the squares.

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