I got some wonderful roving today from Copperpot. Oh wow I can’t wait to spin this. But sadly I have to. I must must must finish my Christmas knitting/crocheting first. I did finish the socks, but next is an afghan and a shawl for presents. I also am crocheting a comfortghan for my Uncle Junior (no I’m not related to the Sopranos, that’s what we call him) who lost his wife to cancer a month ago.

Here’s what’s waiting for me when I finish these free-time sucking projects:

This colour is Tidal Wave. I love the ocean colours – reminds me of trips to Nova Scotia (my adopted home)

Then there’s Little Feet – not usually my colour range but something said “it’s Halloween soon – spin me!!”

I swear, one of these years, everyone is getting mass produced gifts and I’m spending an entire year doing things for myself!

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