December? Really?

Why is it every year I turn into the Queen of Denial?

I smugly assure myself that I have my Christmas knitting well in hand in September. I smile understandingly at the people who panic every year. (inside my head I’m thinking “you should be as organized as I am”).

You see, I always make a project plan for my Christmas presents. I have 15 people on my list so I have to start early. I have milestones and deliverables and yes, I admit a Gantt chart. (I’m a Virgo after all).

Well this year it all got thrown to bits. You may have noticed sporadic and admitedly pathetic blog posts in the last little while. Having to move really threw a wrench in everything. We moved in August and I STILL can’t find my binder of KnitPicks needles. We are not amused.

Plus I’ve had some family illnesses to deal with, and that has had me in a bit of a funk and not that anxious to communicate.

Which brings me to the shock when it turned December 1 this week. Not only is my hubby’s birthday, it’s our 15th anniversary (he’s still looking for the receipt so he can take me back).

I am frantically knitting on one last present which is taking longer than I thought it would (again…Queen of Denial). But instead of working on it, I find myself distracted (oh look shiny) by crocheted snowflakes.

My friend Pirk and I are known for our Saturday shopping adventures for the sole purpose of stimulating the local economy (I prefer to look at it that way). Today’s quest was sparkly crochet thread.

Years ago I used to have Southmaid or Knit-cro-sheen in all kinds of colours with the metallic filament. And I gave them away. (insert the sound of me banging my head against the desk).

So now of course I want them. And they don’t make them anymore.

I did find a couple of colours on etsy, and our trip to a LYS and Zellers paid off (Walmart sucked). So now I’m back to making snowflakes. Not quite as colourful, but still back at it.

I can always put in a filament myself, but that’s too much like work and the clock is ticking!

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