I was very privileged to be allowed early entry to The Purple Purl. So early that the windows were still covered with paper! My good friend Jennifer and my new friend Miko are the proud entrepreneurs who have put their heart and soul (and in Miko’s case her lungs) into the store. In a scant 6 weeks they transformed a dingy antique store into a vibrant yarn cafe. There is already a sense of community happening and it’s only been open for two days!

I spent every spare hour I had with the girls from Monday to Thursday. I was so stiff and sore after all the lugging and lifting that I had to get a massage!

The best part though was playing what I like to call “Yarn Tetris”. Moving bags of yarn around to find the most pleasing colour combinations possible. I finally decided that the best approach was just to put the colours of yarn that I wouldn’t be purchasing on the top shelves. Perhaps I should have done it the other way so that I wouldn’t be as tempted..lol

The pictures tell the tale much better than my words ever could.

How cute is Miko?

Jennifer taking a much needed break

A Stashaholic in front of empty shelves? The Horror!

Kate – and no she never stops smiling…lol

The worker bees:


The big reveal:

I would have more pictures of the yarn but there were always people in front of

The following may or may not have followed me home.

Auldcroft Angoras
60%  mohair/ 40% wool


Stitch night is set for Tuesday nights. Hope to see you there!

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6 thoughts on “What a Purl of a Store!

  1. Yeayeay, the store is beautiful.
    It’s cozy and nicely done. I wanted to touch all the yarns, and check the books, but there were so many people on Thursday, and today I got stuck with the yarn section.
    Thanks Sherri, for the pictures.

  2. THanks for the great photos. I was so busy running I had no time for photos! You are an absolute superstar! Your help and encouragemnt truly helped make my dream a reality.

    Love ya bunches, my friend!

  3. It was great meeting you at the purl, I can’t wait till I can come out to the stitch nights. That mohair blend is gorgeous. I also picked up a silk/alpaca, now I just need to feel better so I can spin. See you again at the purl.

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