I Can Haz More Magic :-)

About 1 AM I had an eiphany. I am not a beige kinda person. So why was I fighting with this yarn so much when I didn’t really like the colour? (it was my desperation at Romni that led to it in the first place). I am a bright colour person, in particular red.

So, this morning I started over with something from my stash – in red. This cone is the same weight as the other but is not a blend so it’s not as splitty (which also had started to annoy me with the other yarn). I think it’s wool because every once and a while some veggie matter shows up in it. It’s got fluffy white bits in it that give it some interest and break up the solidness.

I’m much happier with this version. I also was able to make all three points in about 2.5 hrs because I knew where we were going with the pattern. I’m a tad over with the gauge, but it’s a stole so I don’t care.

I don’t need black magic, I haz red magic!

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3 thoughts on “I Can Haz More Magic :-)

  1. Good for you, Sherri! Isn’t it funny how the colour of the yarn can make all the difference? Any idea what you might with the Mystery Mutt yarn? (Bet it meets with an “accident” before too long!)

  2. Hey Sherri,
    I am so glad you mentioned the 7 stitches join. It took me about 1 minute to do it – saved all sorts of time….. Thanks! Also my tension is about 6 7/8 inches on the larger (2 3/4) needle. I believe that your lace weight yarn isn’t really!

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