I am often known for my ability to have a complete disregard for somewhat loose relationship with reality when it comes to gauge. I’ve knit sweaters that would fit Wilt Chamberlain and Mini Me. Luckily I have friends that come in all sizes so whatever I make is sure to fit someone

That being said, I must address the evil gauge issue with the latest project to hit my hooks.

I am making the Diamond Sage Wrap from Interweave Crochet Summer 2008. First I followed the instructions like a good girl and bought enough laceweight to bankrupt a small country fulfill the requirements. Almost 3,000 yards of alpaca goodness. I actually read the pattern before starting this time and had qualms around the hook size. But I followed the instructions and well, it didn’t work.

No matter who you are, I defy you to get this pattern to work out to gauge. One repeat is supposed to be 6 3/4″ with a 3.25 mm hook (but according to Ravely it’s a 4mm hook, which is even more absurd). Anyone who crochets knows that if you are doing filet crochet, you want the design to be tight so that the blocks actually look like blocks. In no way would they ever look like blocks with that size hook.

I quickly realized that my plan to use black alpaca was not a good one. My 41(ish) year old eyes can’t see the stitches that well anymore. I’ll save the black for knitting. Instead I road-tripped with my friend Terry down to Romni (who are having a 20% off sale right now….just sayin…)

I picked up this Mystery Cone of Yarn for a whole $7. It is absolutely laceweight but of an unknown yarn source. We suspect linen and silk, but really, if it’s in the basement of Romni, it’s a mutt.

I spent all of yesterday playing around with gauge and trying to understand this pattern. Perhaps it’s me as I haven’t crocheted in a while, but I didn’t find it even remotely comprehensible all that easy to understand. I kept muttering under my breath about voodoo gauge and how you’d have to use black magic to get what she wanted.

Well I eventually worked my way down to a 1.75mm and finally got gauge. 1.75mm people, not 3.25. There is a huge difference here.

Anyways, I got the points mostly together last night during our T-Rocks Guild meeting at the Purple Purl (where I had glued my butt to a chair at 1pm) and finally called it a night around 9pm. Let’s count the hours – from 1pm – 9pm to get three points done on this shawl.  Let’s not count the cookies and sweets that kept me going on this mission of madness…..

Anyway, apparently I can haz magic. I am not including beads because 1) I don’t like them and 2) I’m not messing with gauge again on this baby.

You may not experience the same problems with this pattern that I did, but if you do, I’d sure be interested to hear about it (and maybe make me not feel like such a dolt).

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3 thoughts on “I Can Haz Magic :-)

  1. Thank goodness!! I was thinking I was the only dolt out here who could NOT get the gauge to work in this pattern….unfortunately, since it was a wrap, I didn’t check gauge before I began, so now I have 1/2 the wrap completed, and no way I can finish with the amount of handpainted yarn I have left….shame, as it’s beautiful, but I can’t get more of the yarn! I’ve been avoiding frogging it and beginning with another pattern for months now!

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