Happy Canada Day eh!

I don’t usually do much on this holiday (other than reflect how grateful I am to be Canadian). But I was given two tickets to the Toronto FC soccer game. Now my knowledge of soccer is limited to what I learned during the Knitting World Cup, so I wasn’t sure what to expect..

I decked myself out in my bright red Support our Troops shirt because I think it is the most important day of the year to wear my love for our troops. I had a matching baseball hat and was set to go.

I’d never been to BMO Field before. It was smaller than I imagined it would be. It was a glorious day and I’m glad that we were in the shade – the sun would have been brutal after a while. And there are only so many $11 beers and $7 bratworsts a Stashaholic can afford!

Here is my day in pics

And the all important sock picture:

We lost 1-0 and I had a great time. I still know nothing about soccer, but
think it has potential. All they need to do is put ice down instead of grass,
carry sticks, wear skates, make the ball out of hard rubber and shrink the nets

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