DH and I upgraded our computers this week. Which meant I was out of commission. This doesn’t bother me too much because I’m on the computer all day at work (you see I build websites for a living). A little break from computers at home is a welcome change.

But without the distraction of computers, I did decide it was time to finish some of the eleventy-hundred projects on my ever increasing WIP list. So, here’s what I got done this week.

This is a felted knitting basket from the Knit4ever blog. It was quite easy to do, but for some reason, mine ended up with a “boob” on the bottom. It’s on the bottom, so I’m not too stressed about it. I’ll just put heavier wool in it and it will even out. It’s not very big after felting – probably not much more than 8 x 11.  

I also managed to finish the never ending Regia Silk Socks. I bought the yarn for these almost a year ago – it was March 2006 when I cast on. Sheesh!

Her Highness, Queen of Silly Things was not amused that every one of her resting places (and a few she hadn’t even thought of) were covered in gear. Clancy does not deal well with disruption – for some reason it stresses her out. Like mom, like furbaby. Clancy is not amused. But at least she’s got the good sense to cuddle up with my knitting

From Clancy

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