Through Thick and Thin

This was an experiment with interesting results….I had two spindles that were different weights and I wanted to see what the difference would be in the spinning I could produce on them, so I spun singles on each of them. One was the Ashford (3 oz) and one the Bosworth midi (.8 oz).

I had been having trouble working with the Bosworth and couldn’t see what everyone was raving about. Then I decided to use a Twiggy thin strip of roving and I had the proverbial light bulb moment. This baby can spin! I had been weighing it down too much with a thicker roving. The thinner the better. Although at first I did have a few breaks in the roving where I was just too thin, I got the hang of it.

Now I’m spinning some South African top on the Bosworth. It’s a more difficult roving to work with as it’s much wispier and breaks more. But I think it will be ok once I practice a bit more. The yarn above is actually quite soft – the first time ever that something I’ve spun is actually touchable. Now that’s progress.

I am finding that the day after I spin my hands are quite sore. I have bad hands to start with (tendinitis), so I’m not surprised. My masseuse told me that I’m like the weekend warrior. Similar to the way that a person playing weekend sports is sore on the Monday, I’m going to have to condition my hands to using those muscles in a different way. Once I do it more they’ll get used to it. I sure hope so because I’m becoming addicted to this!

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3 thoughts on “Through Thick and Thin

  1. Great looking yarn. That’s for the top on the Bossie. I just got done spinning 10 grams of 100% wool top. It’s dyed colour is Northern Lights. I bought a 225 gram bag at Lettuce Knits. I removed the 10 grams onto a straw and I am going to wind in 10 gram increments and then ply it with 50 grams that I am trying to spin on my light (16gram) Forrester spindle. I hope I can get the spinning and plying done by the end of the weekend. Just wanted to let you know your tip worked. Thanks so much.

  2. Lovely yarn! I am currently obsessed with handspinning, but the Christmas deadlines and well, life, aren’t allowing for much of that lately.

    I hope your hands adjust.

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