Bacon socks

I laughed out loud when Sheryl and her nephew Mikal told me that my socks looked like bacon. Then I started craving bacon so I had to go make some. The power of suggestion is strong in my life people. Be careful what you say around me!

Pattern: Patons Jacquard socks. My go to I’ve knit eleventy billion pairs of these.

Yarn: KnitPicks Stroll Tweed, colour Barn Door. Dug deep in the stash for this one (yeah me!)

After those were done, I cast on another pair using another long hidden stash yarn. I’d been hoarding this sock yarn for a while. Decided to get my arse in gear with stash bustin’, so out it came.

I’m only at the cuff part, so no action shots yet. Check in next post for an update.