Well, that wasn’t much of a winter. Don’t get me wrong – I was happy to not have to schlep through mountains of snow and test my limits like a Survivor episode, but I had all kinds of new woolly lovelies knit and ready to go. The real reason we didn’t have “winter”? Because for the first time in 10 years, I bought boots.

You’re welcome.

I’ve noticed because I tent to do cyclical knitting, that everything of a same type wears out at once. This year, the sock drawer took a particularly hard hit. Three pair of much loved and much warn socks gave up the ghost. So now I find myself on a sock knitting binge. Which of course means that in about 3 years I will lather, rinse, repeat this blog post.

Fresh off the needles:

Pattern: Longjohn
Yarn: Sock it to me
Needles: 2.25mm



Angus wouldn’t move when I wanted to take the picture, so he became the model. This yarn is not soft at all. Yet I really enjoy the socks made from it. The other pair I made from it are one of my favourite socks. It wears really well and just feels “woolly” on my feet.

I threw another pair on the needles last night. Not a clue what the yarn is – wound into balls and the label long lost. It’s a very different beast. Much softer and the pooling is interesting. Using my standard plain sock pattern.

new socks


Today is Cooper’s birthday. Well, I consider it his birthday. He came to chez Stashaholic  two years ago. This happens every day at 4pm. Time to stop working and love. A lesson we all need to learn.

stop work