Don’t come between women with pointy sticks and wool!

Today was the Knitter’s Frolic. I was one of the lucky ones not impacted by the stoopid TTC strike that they sprung on us at midnight. My friend Kathleen drove me there so I was not too badly impacted.

They are recalling the legislature tomorrow to force them back to work. Hopefully in time for work on Monday. It will just give the surly idiots something else to gripe about. Sorry, not much sympathy for them from my corner.

GAWD I hate Unions.

Ahem…back to the Frolic.

I was much better behaved than last year (when I bought my spinning wheel)…lol. Many of the spinning fibres I bought were incredibly inexpensive – 1/4 lb of superwash for only $5! Alpaca for $9…unheard of. So while the list looks long, really it was a day of good deals. I bought a ball of Kauni just in case I ran out on Icarus, and another one because I liked the colours.


some mohair and some merino superwash


some seacell


of course some alpaca



a Handy Andy (for Andean Plying)


 some hand cards for blending fibres


Sock yarn in superwash merino/seacell


And finally a t-shirt that I had seen Pirkko wearing – they were clearing them out for $5 so I couldn’t refuse!

The Purple Purl was there of course so I got some much needed hugs from my Purl Gurls.




Kay, Sandra and the Marvelous Miss Mara are actually quite in focus in real life…it’s the photographer who was tired and blurry!

Although I felt for the vendors, in a way it was nicer this year – there was definitely fewer people and it was easier to move around. We went to lunch after the show and I’ve safely hidden the new additions to the resource centre so that I am not tempted to pet them any more.
Well, maybe just a little bit…

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2 thoughts on “Don’t come between women with pointy sticks and wool!

  1. Nice haul!
    I looked at that Sea Wool but the yardage was just too small for my size 11 feet to risk. I did get some of the merino/nylon though, it was a bit better.

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