I fell madly in love with Jessie’s Batts from her darling Border Leicester Sophie and she was kind enough to dye one for me and send it up. I am almost through one of the batts but I couldn’t resist plying it to see how it would work up.

I am in awe.

This is the first time in almost the year and a half I’ve been spinning that I was able to spin a perfectly balanced yarn. I have to wonder if it is:

a) a transference of Jessie’s superior spinning mojo or
b) the fact that I took the Woolie Winder off of my wheel.

I was having some trouble with the Woolie Winder sucking in the yarn unevenly so I went back to the regular set-up. I am now thinking that the act of pausing my spinning and moving the hook made me a better spinner on this yarn. I was able to stop and shamelessly admire evaluate the evenness of my spinning.

Truth be told I was tempted to run out in traffic with my wheel and show it off

Luckily the wool fumes abated and I was able to return to my spinning safely.

Here are the results. I haven’t checked the WPI yet but it’s definitely sock weight.  You may gasp as appropriate. <wink>

Border Leicester is a long wool so it’s definitely not as soft as a Merino. It was also strangely grippy to spin but once I figured out how to work with it (pre-drafting is a must), it was a lot of fun to spin.

I also made a rather drastic decision today. I had been growing my hair for the last year and managed to get it to shoulder length. This morning I woke up with a migraine which left me feeling that the left side of my head didn’t quite fit into my skin. The thought of spending 15 minutes under a hair dryer was not appealing in the least.

This is the result

1 year of effort and 6 inches of hair gone in 15 minutes.

I’m lovin’ it.

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4 thoughts on “I’m lovin’ it

  1. Yay, I’m so glad to see you spinning that! I know you didn’t get any spinning mojo from me so it must be the absent Woolie Winder. My sock-knitting time has hit a wall so my socks out of this same fiber are less than half-done. Dang.

    That haircut is dynamite on you. Perfect.

  2. I love the hair cut!! It looks great. How long did it take to spin that yarn? Not that I’m thinking to taking up that particular hobby, but it seems like a very time consuming task. The results are obviously worth it though. I think the colourway is just beautiful.

  3. The new ‘do’ looks terrific. Did you spin the 6″ that fell to the floor? ha ha ha
    I liked the look of your latest spun yarn…so even, so professional, so satisfying. Good on ya!


  4. Beautiful hair. Even more beautiful face.
    Today I learned what a bad idea it is to drop spin with a bad head cold. I made the biggest mess since you shared this addiction with me. Extreme coughing threw off my rhythm. 😀

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