I had an absolutely wonderful weekend. Toronto Hookups went for our fourth annual retreat to Canterbury Hills in Ancaster, Ontario. I look forward to this every year because

  • it involves wine women and wool
  • calories don’t count
  • commemorative yarn buying does not count towards budgets/resolutions to not buy anymore.
  • there is not an XBox within a 5 kilometer radius
  • the deer come to the door. 


We made a few trips to the Needle Emporium and this may have followed me home.

I love the fact that this shawl is square at the back – very different!

And of course some wonderful Kauni. The fact that I can knit an entire shawl for
under $30 makes me insanely happy.

Then there’s the Little Red/Orange Riding Hood basket from Lantern Moon – I just
love this because it makes me feel cute…not something I’m used to

We had some great classes, some wicked euchre games, and made a lot of new
friends. I actually got to spin by firelight during the Earth Hour. The fact
that we participated in a world-wide even even though we were way out in the
country – really cool. The knowledge that I can spin in the dark without it
affecting my end product – priceless

I knitted a lot on my Woodland Shawl,
but alas ended up tinking more than I knitted (I blame the copious amount of
wine consumed on this one). I moved quickly to mindless crochet and worked on my
Noro Sock Yarn

Blue Jean Shawl. When I’m done this may/may not end up at the Purple Purl
(depending on how much I love it. And I have to admit that right now, I’m really
lovin’ it.

Alas it’s back to work tomorrow…I wonder if I can crochet under my desk
withought anyone noticing?

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2 thoughts on “Retreat!

  1. I agree totally Sherri. What a wonderful weekend we always have! We are blessed to be able to travel less than 2 hours from downtown Toronto and be in total wilderness at the retreat, yet in less than 15 minutes we can be shopping for yarn in one of the most fabulous stores I know (along with the Purple Purl) and also have access to more affordable craft delights from Michals and the cute store in Dundas. The Tunisan Crochet class I took was great (lead by the amazing Julia Bryant) and has given me some fabulous design ideas. Thanks for the video. S>

  2. The most valuable part of the retreat for me is the ‘getting to know’ the participants better than I would in our normal once a month meetings. It is heartwarming to see such encouragement and support amongst all these great needleworkers. Ideas, tips, info, interests are all openly shared along with the oohs and ahhs when someone shows their latest creation(s)…or purchases.(you know who you are)

    This year I got to experience the ball winder……now THAT was exciting! I really must get out more.

    Thanks for the friendship everybody.

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