Warning – lots of Yarn PRon and photos below!

Sadly, my uncle Harry had a heart attack a few weeks ago while flying from Florida to his home in California. They actually had to divert the plane in Houston to take him to a hospital. Luckily he’s a lot better now and is at home. The amazing ladies at Heartmade
Blessings helped me make this comfortghan for him. I wasn’t sure about the
two different colours of burgundy but I came to think of it as helping his heart
pump out old blood and bring in new blood. I’m sure he’ll feel better once he’s
wrapped up in it and feeling everyone’s love and prayers.


I’ve been knitting diligently on my Woodland Shawl. Every time I lay it down to take a picture, Clancy jumps on it – she definitely has a thing for alpaca.

Remember Bob The Alpaca? She almost licked him bald!

I was a mean mommy and locked her out of the room long enough to take these

There is a lot of knitting left to do here, but I’m really enjoying it. I have to say that Alpaca is my most favourite yarn to knit with in the entire universe.

Jennifer tempted me this afternoon with an IM….”the Noro is in”.

I booted it down to the store and not only was the lovely Noro there, Jennifer was too!

I give you: total eye candy. You may want to sit down before looking at these
pictures – it will make you weak in the knees.

There is not doubt this time – this followed me home. It’s colourway S40 in
dyelot B. Since my initials are SB and I’m 40-ish, I decided that it was a sign
from the gods that it should be mine (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

My impression so far is that it is definitely a single yarn. It plies back on
itself when you are working with it, which can be a tad annoying. I am actually
crocheting a sample which will stay at the store for a while so that I can have
my other shawl (which was on loan to them) back. I wouldn’t recommend working
from the centre of the ball. I wound mine from the outside on my ball winder and
didn’t have any issues with knots or thick/thin. On the whole, it was pretty
even for a Noro yarn. I did notice that it tended to bias quite a bit when I was crocheting the sample. I’m hoping some weight on it will straighten it out.

I’m heading off to Ancaster tomorrow for our annual Toronto Hookups Crochet Guild retreat.
A wonderful weekend of Wine Women and Wool is ahead of me. I’ve already packed
my craft bag three times (wine and Cheetos are already packed). I guess I’d
better think about the clothes part next.

PS Clancy is sulking now that she’s allowed back in the room


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  1. Retreat..retreat! wine, women and wool. pretty much sums up all of my favourite things…sigh

    it is yummy though isn’t it….the Noro I mean… I am being boring and knitting teh sock yarn into socks. I have plans for other things to do with the beloved Noro Kureyon Sock yarn….but first it needs to be socks.

    see ya toorrow..I will bring the Bailey’s

  2. Your HMB ghan turned out great. I love your colour choice. Glad to hear that he is doing better. Your shawl is also lovely.

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