I spent an absolutely decadent day…well, for me anyway……

First on the agenda was to face the laundry monster. I had been neglecting the pile
which somehow managed to grow so high it filled not one but two laundry baskets
to the unheard of height where I almost needed grappling hooks to get to the top.
I actually had a dream last night that it turned into a scary monster and chased
me down the hallway. It was apparently time to deal with it woman-o a laundrybasket-o

After that, I sat and actually knitted something. I had spent most of the weekend
swatching and trying out different yarns for the Woodland Shawl. First I tried my
laceweight of my yummy Indigo Moon:

but it was too thin

Then I tried the fingering weight

but I found that the lace got lost in the beautiful colours. I’ll use this for a
more solid fabric.

Then I remembered that I had a bunch of Drops Alpaca in my stash. This memory was
triggered by a chance meeting I had with a  very nice gentleman that I met at The Purple
on Saturday. (I’m sorry to say that I neglected to get his name). He was knitting a yummy sweater out of a mustard coloured skein of the Alpaca. I remembered that I had bought some for my ill-fated attempt at the Mystery Stole #3 and it had been languishing in my resource centre ever since.

And it was just right

I chose not to knit it on larger needles because I want a firm fabric, not something too lacy,
which a larger needle would have given me. This is around 40 rows of knitting
and it measures about 3″ tall. This will not be a quick knit (even by my slowpoke standards) as it’s knit on a 2.5mm needle in fingering/sock weight.

As usual, Clancy wanted to help with the photo session. Pay no attention to the
disaster behind her. Please

Clanzy sez:

I’ll get off of the nice knitting if you give me some Easter kitty treats!

Hoppy Easter everyone – hope the yarn bunny brought you something nice for your

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2 thoughts on “Hoppy Easter

  1. Did you have to show the picture of Clancy? Now I want a cat.

    The white yarn is delish, my gosh, Sherri, that is beautiful. You better take it to the retreat, so I can touch it, and steal it from you. Bring all the yarn, okay!

  2. Ooo that pattern is lovely. So is the darling Clancy. I bet they’re both soft. Now I want to finish all that spinning so I can knit some lace with it. But you’re right it does demand a solid colour. Beautiful.

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