Come they told me a thrum pa pa thrum
the really warm mitts to knit a thrum pa pa thrum…

</end bad singing>

I’m pleased to say that I’m making great progress on the TO BE DONE BEFORE CHRISTMAS list.

  • Debbie Bliss Sweater (I know, quit moaning and get to knitting the 40″ of moss stitch required to finish the sleeves) ok, queen of denial on this one still.
  • Complete Snowflake Afghan before real ones melt. Next on the list. Really.
  • Finish Sock or become good friend with amputee to give existing one to. Mission accomplished – two knitted socks wrapped in ball band to show that yes, I did knit it and yes, you’d better wash it as according to directions).

    From Knit

  • Make more snowflakes than Mother Nature, 18 done, 20 more to go. A few angels thrown in for fun Will take pics when all complete.
  • Make buttonless towel toppers to go with the cool towels I bought today that I really shouldn’t have because I don’t have time to make them. Four towels completed and waiting to be sent in an exchange.

From Crochet

  • Make matching thrum mitten before snow flies and fingers freeze. Actually had to make this mitten twice – apparently if you make one with a size 4mm and one with a size 3.25 and forget to increase 12 stitches before beginning main part of mitten, you end up with one that can fit a grown up and one that totally fits a 3 year old. Who knew? My hearts are much better on the second one because I finally figured out how to hold the bloody thrum. Contemplating (yes I’m insane) redoing the first one to match.) They really are the same size – it’s just the angle I took it at. Really. Do you think I’d want evidence proclaiming my stupidity to all knitterdom?

From Knit

From Knit

  • Make cute matching hat and scarf (pattern yet to be determined) Found a really easy aran-ish scarf that’s gonna WIP up in no time. Hat still TBD. May not make one and spare the office the site of me with hat head
  • Have head examined for starting Pineapple Doily Still looking for a good shrink
  • Knit toque for co-worker (how did I get suckered into this one?) Got postponed till AC (After Christmas). Either that or was gonna have to outsource the labour to an offshore knitter.
  • Finish Manuel (Heartmade Blessings teddyghan). Finished not one but two Manuels (see sad store in previous post.)

Since I’ve made so much progress, I’ve picked up a tree skirt I started January 2nd. I started it while still basking in the glow of last year’s Christmas. It was supposed to be someone’s present, but…well..that just didn’t happen. There’s always next year right?

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