I last posted about Manuel, the bearghan that was going to a little boy in New York. Well, when I went to wash him up before sending him off, tragedy occurred. Some idiot (not me for once) had left a towel in the washing machine. This idiot didn’t see it and went ahead and washed Manuel.

From Crochet

He was destroyed during that wash. The towel shredded and bits of it were stuck in every single stitch. Sadly I had to give him to a friend for her cats. I couldn’t send him out like that. I remade him, so here’s M2. Safely washed and packaged and ready to be mailed out tomorrow.

From Clancy

Clancy got fixed on Wednesday. She tried to convince me that she wasn’t broken, but to no avail. I’m lucky she didn’t go into heat because she was 11 months old when I got her done. I’ve been told that the Main Coon goes in later, so I’m grateful. I have a wonderful vet, Dr. Michael Goldstein at the Forest Hill Animal Clinic in Toronto.  No matter now neurotic I was (and believe me, I was), he calmed me down. He called right after the surgery, later in the afternoon and first thing in the morning with updates on my furbaby. She’s not too keen on the plastic hood she has to wear, but she’s getting used to it

From Clancy

I’m telling you nothing slows her down. This morning she was sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for breakfast (even though I told her that she was not allowed to jump).

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