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A lot has happened in the last few weeks so this will be one long winded post.

I’ve been frantically busy trying to finish up last minute unplanned presents. Here’s how a recent phone conversation with my dad went

Me: All right mister, I’ve been asking since June – what do you want for Christmas?

Dad: Nothing. Maybe a lump of coal.

Me: Really

Dad: ok, maybe a pair of mittens – my hands get cold in the arena.

Me: You couldn’t tell me this in June when I asked you what you wanted?

Dad: My hands weren’t cold in June.

This is how conversations go with my dad. Like me, he is a Virgo, so eminently practical. I do have a touch of Leo in me, so immediately I went into histrionics “4 weeks until Christmas! I’ll never get them done!” A panic trip to Romni provided me with enough roving to make thrum mittens for half of Toronto. But it’s yummy soft – Corriedale roving. I didn’t want the hearts to show – too girly for my dad. So, I’m making yet again another pair of thrum mittens, this time I’m using a navy Galway yarn. Also equally yummy.

From Knit

I have the first mitten done now and am well on the way through the second, so immediate crisis is over.

I took some snowflakes I’d crocheted and hung them up at work. Honestly, it looks like a GAP commercial just waiting to happen!

From Crochet

From Crochet

From Crochet

Remember M1 (Manuel v. 1), the teddyghan that got destroyed in an unfortunate run-in with a towel? Well, he has a new home. Shannon’s cat has adopted him and glares at you if you even think of taking M1 away.

From Crochet

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