you know the rest (is paved with good intentions)…

Today is the Kitchener Waterloo Knitter’s Fair. I decided not to go because, well, to be blunt, I have way too much freakin’ stash as it is.

There I said it!

However, while I was busy being virtuous, an innocent email came into my inbox from Knitpicks (aka “get thee away from me Satan”). I have lots of will power (I will buy only things in my budget…with the concept of a budget being a bit loose depending on the amount of wine I have consumed) but not much won’t power (I won’t buy just anything that strikes my fancy).

Well my fancy got smacked upside the head with this email. I blame it all on Amy. A few weeks ago at knitnight she had the newest coolest needles that she was reviewing from Knitpicks. Now as I am a self confessed bag-ho, and a full fledged needle-ho, I didn’t stand a chance.

A few weeks ago I bought the new BOAB (bag of all bags) and thought I’d be done enhancing for a while.

Then I saw these wonder-needles. Crap. Instantly skyrocketed off of the covet meter.

The Harmony series is a beautiful must have (and yes I ordered them). In fact, I went so far as to buy both the complete set of interchangeables and the dpn’s.

I should have gone to the freakin’ fair – might have spent less! (not likely but I am the Queen of Denial)

I am putting all of these acquisitions to good use though – I’m on row 73 of the Hemlock blanket. It’s a really easy knit and I think it will be quite nice. I’ll likely reknit it in a washable wool.

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6 thoughts on “The Road to Hell…

  1. Ohh…I wnat those needles too. So badly. they are beautiful. So I will wait for your review of them.

    Knitter’s Fair was fun. I was working mostly but did meet lots of new yarns to covet!

  2. Hi Sherri – Don’t feel bad I succumbed to the new Knitpick wooden needles too- have a set of dpn’s on the way. take care Liz

  3. The bag is tempting, but I will wait for better times for me….I have to get rid of my older bags, and then I can think of a new one. The needles look amazing. Hope to see them soon.

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