Caving in on many levels

I fought it for years, the urge to have a china cabinet. I never wanted to have “pretties” to put in it. Then I realized I had three sets of dishes (mind you they are Corelle so I haven’t completely conformed).

It became apparent that I would have to give in and get something other than
Rubbermaid Totes to store things when we brought back all of The Boy’s mom’s “pretties” that she couldn’t take with her to the nursing home.

Sigh…I caved. But I refused to get a traditional china cabinet. Instead I kept looking and fell in love with this one at the Elegant Garage Sale of Bayview.

I love Art Deco design and this one is definitely of that genre. It’s a bit dented and some of the detail is missing on the one glass, but I might even get brave enough to etch it in. I love the inlay design and the different colours of wood.

I’m planning on making this as a topper to hide some water damage on the top.

Sigh #2 – I also caved on my pledge not to start anything until my Christmas presents were closer to being done.

That promise lasted until I saw this. I think my heart stopped for a moment.

After a mad dash through the stash to see what I could possibly use, I found
a boatload of yarn from plastic sheep (Mary Maxim Cloudspun) that bought during my acrylic phase. I’d completely forgotten about it (so what else is new?) but it seemed a good yarn to try this out on. If I continue to love it as much as I think I will, I’ll redo it in
something longer lasting. I also have an ulterior motive – I need to make room
for stepson so I’m trying to stash dive.

I had a brain cramp on row 33, but other than that it’s been quite enjoyable (I even learned how to do a belly button cast on). Ok so the technical name is the Emily Ocker circular cast on, but mine sounds much more fun!


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3 thoughts on “Caving in on many levels

  1. Well that works out well – when we’re old ladies and move in together we’ll have matching furniture!

  2. I love wood, so the breakfront is very pretty. Something that would require me to stop and admire, rather than just passing by(if it were in my home). Be sure to post more blog entries to HMB for me.

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