It’s Labour Day weekend here in Canada and I’ve been working big time – only on
things I enjoy working on – mostly spinning

I finished spinning the Superwash/Tussah silk that I bought from Abby eons ago. I don’t have
final measurements yet but here’s the eye candy. I’ll update later when I’m not
feeling so lazy. I’m really pleased with how this turned out – it’s quite even
and very few slubby parts. I think it’s destined for a hat (but first I have to
be unlazy and measure how much there is of it).



I also started spinning the 8 oz of Romney that I bought from Spunky Eclectic –
colourway Midnight Run. I’ve never worked with Romney before, but have always
wanted to. I bought 8 oz undyed play with next time I’m in a dyeing mood. It’s
not bad to spin, but a bit harsh….of course after spinning Tussah silk,
everything is harsh! I don’t think I’d wear this next to the skin but would be
fine for a hat or mittens. We’ll see how it softens up when subjected to
extreme finishing techniques that I learned from Abby.

Yesterday I reorganized my stash and packaged up a huge garbage bag to go to a stash
sale at Toronto Hookups. I’m also tossing my cross stitch stuff – I haven’t
touched it in 6 years and am not likely to. Every time I do it I get neck
problems – not worth it for me.

While rummaging around, I found an afghan that I’d started and put aside when my attention span wandered (really, it doesn’t take much to make that happen). I have three balls of the yarn, so I’ll just keep going until I run out. This is almost one ball. I think it would be perfect size for a 2 year old, but we’ll see.

Today we’re waiting for some furniture that we bought at The Elegant Garage
Sale (a consignment store nearby). The Boy bought this bottom part of an Ethan Allan desk for $350 and I got a really neat Art Deco china cabinet for $95. They are supposed to come tonight, so pictures tomorrow. For anyone looking to furnish cheaply, this is definitely the place to go.

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2 thoughts on “Labour of Love

  1. Hi Sherri,

    Back from holidays and checking in with you. I need a pattern for a tea cozy, if you know a good one… Hope all is well and back to work on Tuesday!


  2. Oh yes, and I found a lovely knitting store in Picton. Bought a pattern for a shawl! A shawl!!!! Can you believe it?

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