Happy Belated Birthday – pass the wine

I am not really on speaking terms with my projects. They feel like guests who have stayed at the party long after the host wants to go to bed. They just won’t leave my needles!

So I decided to spend the day spinning. I have an immense amount of roving that needs to be used up or turned into pillows. As that would be a waste, it’s off to the wheel I go.

I hadn’t spent much time with L2 lately so it was nice to get back into the soothing rhythms. It’s been a cruddy couple of days for me – yesterday was my birthday and it was spent in absolute agony due to a stupid sore tooth that defies all explanations – nothing shows on the x-ray (and I even had a root canal on it 15 years ago), yet it just throbs constantly. On top of that, I am allergic to every antibiotic that I have tried to take for the last 10 years. Every dr/dentist assures me that I will be fine, and every time I am not. Yet
again I ended up looking like something from Star Trek, as I broke out in itchy hives the size of a quarter and had the added excitement of tossing my cookies all day. Not how I wanted to spend my birthday.

So today I soothed myself with some wonderful batts from Abby
that had been in my stash for a while. I now feel that I have the skill to do them justice. We’ll see how the plying goes, but so far, so good. I highly recommend Abby’s fibre – it’s always beautiful and well blended.

It poured today almost all day. This was a welcome respite from the desert like conditions. It also made me glue my butt to the chair and refuse to move (except for to get a glass of medicinal wine).



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8 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday – pass the wine

  1. Wow that green is incredible. I can’t wait to see the the finished product. Looks truly wonderful. Makes me want to spin 😉

  2. Resistance is fultile…you will be assimilated
    (as you can tell, the allergic reaction still has me feeling like a character from Star Trek)

    Thanks Jennifer – it is lovely – I can’t stop spinning it either – other projects are not impressed and are whispering about a planned revolt against it.

  3. Happy belated birthday! I hope your feeling better. The single looks great on the bobbin and I just love the fibre. Once I recover from the LG I’m going to have to get some fibre from Abby.

  4. Thanks Pirk – hopefully soon you will be able to feel it. I just wish you could use it!

  5. My grandad always said when this happens you take a mouthful of whisky and hold it over the tooth for as long as you can. Keep up the treatment ater a while you don’t notice the toothache

  6. Chris, I think I like your grandad very much

    Of course too much whisky = not only a sore tooth but a sore head!

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