That’s using your head!

I think the -30C weather has frozen what few brain cells I have left! A 45 minute walk to the subway on Sunday on my way to The Purple Purl left me with the distinct feeling that I definitely need a hat.

So without further ado…

I bring you the Amanda hat. I’m knitting it out of some homespun romney. I’ve never knit with anything I’ve spun before because a) it wasn’t even enough not to qualify as fibre barf and b) I didn’t have the attention span to make enough to knit anything. My yarn is more of a dk than a worsted weight so it’s a bit lacier than the original pattern.

of course I have a helper – sadly her head is a bit too small!

and yes, before you ask, I have yarn draped over my face and knitting needles on my head. I just wanted to measure the gauge and make sure I didn’t look like a total dweeb for a change with a hat that didn’t fit. I may look like a dweeb for many other reasons, but at least the hat fits!

Note the complete and utter lack of vanity in this picture. No makeup, ratty shirt (it actually says “this is the part where I nod and act like I’m listening”), the spinning wheel and ball winder behind me….it’s come to this. I don’t care! At *4*ahem*ish, this is what you get. Not to mention I’m exhausted from climbing over 3 ft tall snowbanks to get home.

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2 thoughts on “That’s using your head!

  1. I’m so glad you’re making something with your own spun!

    I have that pattern and have been contemplating making it…Hmmm, maybe another day.

    The snow banks are a real *itch these days…added to the fact that it’s snowing in droves now! Be careful, ‘specially since the snow is covering the ice now!

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