I cry Uncle! I totally surrender…I can’t climb over one more freaking snowbank. We have not had this much snow in Toronto in 10 years. Seriously – 128 cm so far this year (that’s over 4 feet people!).The average snowfall for an entire year in Toronto is usually around 115 cm and we’ve had 128 in a month!

Part of the daily ritual as I huff and puff my way to and from work, carrying laptop on back is to curse ancestors who somehow mistook Canada for the Barbados.

Here is what I trudged through this morning at 6am. They are a little grainy because of the high ISO I had to take them at – it’s pretty dark at that hour you know.

The front of my apartment building:

The side:

Note the complete lack of a sidewalk to walk on:

Can you believe it – the freakin’ snowbank is as tall as the car!

This is the view this afternoon from my basement apartment window. Any wonder I hate winter?


Addendum: It’s now 10pm and our boiler just blew up. You know what that means – NO HEAT!


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4 thoughts on “Uncle!

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I am so sick of winter, the snow and the bloody cold and winds. I am not a fan of weather extremes so I don’t like the HHH days of summer either but at least in the summer I can walk on the sidewalk and not in the middle of the street if I want to get anywhere!

  2. I drove by our mall tonight, and could not see nothing but the top part, because the snowbanks were so high in the parking lot.

    You have nice pictures, though.

  3. Oh man, that would be depressing. Makes my complaints about the loud blustery winds on the 23rd floor seem far less important… At least you know we’re all trudging through this together!

  4. yikes! brutal. I am about done with the snow too. I am dreaming of capris weather and open toe sandals to show off pretty pink pedicures with flowers on the big toes. In the meantime there is chunky soft yarns to knit and spin, and dreams of warm weather..then of course reality hits and out I go to shovel so no one breaks their neck on my watch!

    Our front yard is taller than me. Snow is hard to throw that high.

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