Start of something?

I’ve been working horrendous hours (again) so my knitting time has been limited to the odd stitch while waiting for the coffee to brew in the morning. So needless to say I don’t have a lot of evidence of process. I have been designing in my insomnia-riddled sleep, but I haven’t actually cast on for those designs yet.

What I did come up with was the start of a lace something. Not sure if it’s going to block large enough to a shawl, so it may just be an oversized scarf. I took a class at The Purple Purl with Amy Singer on lace design. What a blast. After a few false starts caused by bouts of indecision (too many stitch options for an exhausted brain to process is not a good thing). I settled on this:

It’s  a crappy picture and I apologize but I’d forgotten to recharge the
camera after Canada Blooms and it died after one shot.

Yarn: Celestial Merino – Scarlet by Lucy Neatby
Needle size: 4.5
Pattern – stitches from Barbara Walker (can’t find my notes right now as to
which they were)

According to Amy, you can’t copyright stitches, rather you can copyright what
you do with them. So who knows, if I finish this, maybe I’ll offer it for sale
some day. Of course there are about 15 projects ahead of it so don’t hold your

I must confess that my self imposed yarn diet is going about as well as my
personal one. Which is to say it’s not going well at all. Both my stash and I
have put on weight this week. I blame Jennifer at the Purl – she is the source
of many of my downfalls. She was also taking Amy’s class and knit up a
positively entrancing swatch. Part of the yarn matched the pants I was wearing
so I decided it was a sign from the Knitting Gods that it must be mine.

And so it was.

Apparently I have become a home for wayward skeins of Malabrigo.

Yarn: Malabrigo Sock
Colour: Rayon Vert

I have also cast on for Clapotis. Clancy took the first one I made, I gave my
second one to my sister and now it’s time for my own

Yarn: Yummy
Colour: 41354 (how non descriptive – it’s the colour of Spring)
Needles: 4mm

It’s a beautiful day out there today so I think I’ll go knit in the backyard
for a while. Enjoy it – it’s supposed to snow tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Start of something?

  1. How sad that you’ve had to start this shelter for Malabrigo. Really heart-wrenching. You must find it very difficult to see this wayward yarn showing up. Poor thing. Next thing you know, you’ll have a Malabrigalanche on your hands 🙂

  2. To be fair… you decided on your purchase all by yourself….ok..ok..I know…i am a little evil.but i learned from the master! 😉

    the yummy clapotis looks terrific. Can’t wait to see it on ya!


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