WARNING – lots of pictures follow – apologies to the dial up folks out

I’ve been gallivanting around the province for the last two weeks. First stop
St. Catharines to visit Keziah and her family for Easter.

While there, I delivered a comfortghan from Heartmade Blessings which was done
for the widow of Warrant Officer Brown. Keziah’s brother will deliver this on
our behalf. I have two more ghans on the go for grieving families. I wish we
didn’t have to do them, but I know how much it means, having received one when
my mother passed away.

We had a chance to go play with eleven 4 week old Golden Retriever puppies.

I must admit that it was pretty hard to leave this behind. Only the fact that I
was coming back on the train (well and the fact that I was afraid of the cops
showing up at my door) prevented me from bringing them home. Clancy is pleased
with this decision.


If that isn’t cute enough for you, the rest of the pictures can be found

Last weekend took me to Kingston and to my new favourite wool supplier,
Topsy Farms.

It just doesn’t get better than this – wee babies less than 24 hours old. The
moms allowed me a few pictures but their patience wore thin and they started
stomping their hooves in warning. I respected their distance and was very
grateful my new camera has an amazing 18x zoom feature!

If you look closely, you’ll see a white fluff on the right side of the
picture – many of the babies were tucked warmly in the hay – protection against
a brisk wind and impending rainstorm.

And beautiful guard dogs which met us with suspicion but when they saw we
were friendly with the owners, allowed me close enough to take the pictures.

More pictures can be found here.

We also got to visit the Wool Shed at the farm, which is where the fibre,
yarn, skins and woven blankets are sold from. It is an old ice shed which has
been converted into a cozy retail space. I could totally move in if Sally and
Ian would let me

Some yarn *may* have followed me home

I had a great time on these two adventures. The Knitter’s Frolic is next weekend, other than that, I’m really trying my best to finish up some long languishing WIPS. I think I’ve done my part to stimulate the economy, so it’s time for a break to use up some of the stash (famous last words I know…)


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  1. The ghan came out very, very beautiful.

    I love the little puppies, I want one.
    The little lambs are so adorable.

    Glad you had a good time.

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