My February Lady is complete. But she didn’t have buttons. I needed The Perfect Buttons… I dreamt of The Perfect Buttons. I thought of The Perfect Buttons while brushing my teeth, while making my lunch, while doing dishes, while sleeping…and so I surfed the Interweb for The Perfect Buttons. Alas no luck.

So the Great Button Hunt began.

I ended up schlepping to 4 button stores in 40C (100F) heat – not a happy shopper.

Started with Fabricland. Fail

Went to Courage My Love – some great options there – bought some for future projects.

Then to the button store @ the corner of Queen/Spadina – Double Fail

On to MacFab where the kind gentleman took pity on me when I
declared “I suck at buttons”. Told him my vision and voila. The Perfect

Finding The Perfect Buttons – priceless

We are happy.

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2 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. I am so happy you have found the perfect buttons, Sherri… You make such beautiful sweaters and shawls… Have a great day… LynnA

  2. Hi Sherri,

    Just writing to say hi. HOpe all is well. Yarn store in Vermont was very nice. I bought some nice stuff and will hopefully see some more yarn. Talk to you when I’m back

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